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Delhi To Lonavala Cabs and Taxi Services – The soothing and relaxing destination

Lonavala is ideally located between the 2 major cities of Mumbai and Pune. It is basically a spot where the travellers traveling from Mumbai to Pune take a break and in addition to that, they get some amazing views of the Lonavala Lake, which is often seen covered with mist on a cloudy afternoon. The local vendors sell Bhutta, tea and coffee. On the way to Lonavala, the ride is a very adventurous one. The roads are curvy and have a lot of hair pins. And suddenly, you are in the midst of wonderland. The weather in Lonavala is pleasant all year round, and a hoodie would protect you from the chilly winds which occur occasionally. There are many forts and temples in Lonavala. The Rajmachi Fort is one such fort where one can enjoy the pre-historic aroma and atmosphere when the kings once ruled. The town of Khopoli can be captured on the cameras from the peak of Amrutanjan Point, and it offers some amazing views during sunrise and sunset. With Hire Cabs, you are welcome to book your cab from Delhi-Lonavala and Lonavala-Delhi. We are looking forward to seeing you.

What are our services from Delhi to Lonavala?

Hire Cabs offers its potential customers daily services from Delhi-Lonavala and Lonavala-Delhi. Our cab drivers are highly skilled and have years of driving experience. You can choose from a wide range of cars for you journey to Lonavala and back. We have small sized, medium sized, large sized SUVs to cater for your demands and needs. We also have four-wheel drive cars for a bit of off-road travel. You can choose between AC and non-AC cabs depending upon the time of the year and the season. The fares from Delhi-Lonavala and Lonavala-Delhi are the cheapest that you will find in the city at Hire Cabs. All our vehicles come with safety ABS Airbags both front and rear, so you need not worry about your safety. Just hop into the car, leave everything on our experienced drivers, and relax and enjoy the journey!

Client and customers’ reviews for Hire Cabs

“We are a family of four with two little kids. We were planning our journey since quite a long time and we did not want to risk with local cabs in Delhi. After a long time researching with various travel consultants and internet, we chose to go with the Hire Cabs services from Delhi and the return trip from Lonavala. It was a very scenic ride in our comfortable car Toyota Fortuner. There was not a single fault with the car throughout the journey. We had a great time and enjoyed ourselves a lot.”
“We booked our taxi from Delhi to Lonavala with Hire Cabs. The journey was soothing, relaxing and a very comfortable one. Our driver, Naresh is very experienced and handled the vehicle very well during our ascent to Lonavala. It was a great journey and I would strongly recommend Hire Cabs.”