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Reasons to travel Delhi To Aurangabad Ė The Tourism Capital of Maharashtra

Aurangabad is a town located in the state of Maharashtra which is often termed as the Tourism Capital of Maharashtra. Aurangabad is very famous for the Ajanta and Ellora caves which are located about 100 kilometres from the city centre. Aurangabad attracts millions of tourists and travellers every year majorly due to these historic caves. These caves have a lot of history and prestige attached to them. When inside the caves, one can find the blend of three different religions on which the architectures, columns and sculptures are based. Located about 5 kms from the city is the famous Bibi Ka Maqbara which has been built during the 18th century and depicts an architecture which is very similar to the Agraís Taj Mahal. In addition to these, you can find a lot of eateries, restaurants and hotels within the city centre which offer a great variety of cuisine to choose from. Hire Cabs in Delhi brings to you, services from Delhi-Aurangabad and Aurangabad-Delhi. We provide the cheapest rates for you. We look forward to seeing you on your trip from Delhi to Aurangabad.

What are the services that Hire Cabs provides

Hire Cabs provides services from Delhi To Aurangabad and Aurangabad-Delhi on a daily basis. We offer our customers a wide variety of options to choose from depending upon the number of members traveling and the group size. Our car range includes Maruti Swift, Tata Indica, Ford Figo, Toyota Corolla, Honda City, Toyota Fortuner and Mahindra XUV and KUV. So, as you can see, you have a wide variety to choose from at Hire Cabs. We also provide you the option of choosing between AC and non-AC cab depending upon the season you are travelling in. We also provide special services on our vehicles for the old, aged and for the infants. Our experienced drivers will ensure that your Delhi-Aurangabad and Aurangabad-Delhi journeys will be the most memorable one. Our fares are the cheapest that you will come across in the city, which is a major reason why you would be traveling with us.

Journey to Aurangabad

The total distance from Delhi-Aurangabad and Aurangabad To Delhi is approximately 1300 kms. This distance would be covered in about 24 hours by road with Hire Cabs. You will be traveling through the states of Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and finally Maharashtra. Itís a long journey, therefore our drivers will be flexible with your breaks and stops that you wish to take during the course of the journey. You will be traveling through the major cities of Jaipur, Ajmer and by-passing Indore. You will get the opportunity to gorge on meals prepared by the villagers on the roadside dhabas on the national highway NH 48. The road trip is great since it boasts a lot of lush green landscapes on either side of the roads which offer a mesmerizing view of the rural India. We look forward to seeing you and traveling with you on this Delhi-Aurangabad journeys. Planning a trip? Call us on 9958312990 now and book your journey before itís too late.

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