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Cabs Service in Assam

Assam - A land of tea gardens and exquisite culture

With India's largest number of tribes, Assam is the land of Red Rivers and Blue Hills. It is land of Devi Kamakhya and the mighty river Brahmaputra. The enchanting journey from Delhi to Assam and Assam to Delhi has all that an adventurer can strive for. The cultural richness and natural heritage of Assam will leave you overwhelmed. With beautiful diaspora of nature, flamboyant green valleys, Assam inhabits so many alluring species of flora and fauna. One of the world's heritage sites, as declared by UNESCO, Kaziranga National Park located at the south of Brahmaputra River, refuges Rhinoceros. Sail around the Brahmaputra River, with river cruise started by a private firm which covers all the major places nearby the river. Take an adventure tour, safari tours, tea garden stay, and tribal stay, there are tons of opportunities Assam offers. Also, there is Kamakhya Temple with mystery and vibrancy lingering in its atmosphere or MadanKamdev Temple, constructed at the spot where Kamdev regained his life. Assamese cuisine, too, is worth a try, comprising of rice and regional curries with varied options of lamb, fish, chicken and duck. Assam is overwhelmed with its traditional craft culture, natural beauty and gives you so many options to explore.

Get enchanted by Assam with Hirecabs

Assam is authentic enchanting and alluring, giving you so much to discover and explore. It can definitely be your next destination to embrace and Hirecabs, is always there to help you to explore its exquisiteness. Its 35 hours’ drive from Delhi to Assam and Assam to Delhi, an excellent opportunity for all those who are seeking for an adventurous road trip. Hirecabs strives for the happiness of its customers and believe in customer friendly service. With our services, that aim to provide a comfortable and hustle free road trips to our customers, we will make this adventurous trip from Delhi to Assam and Assam to Delhi even more thrilling for you.

Services provided by Hirecabs

We believe that in order to explore this journey from Delhi to Assam and Assam to Delhi through roads, there must be an experienced and well behaved driver and off course, a comfortable and swift car. Hirecabs provide you both. We have our network in more than 40 major cities, though more prominently in Delhi and that makes us, know the place locally. We make sure that our drivers are experienced with every type of driving skills that is required to explore any area, be it scorching desert, plains, stony roads or hilly roads. Also, we make sure our cars are well equipped and well maintained to face any hustle in their way and perhaps, this quality makes Hirecabs even more special.