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Delhi To Amritsar Cabs and Taxi Service - Amritsar The Golden City of Punjab

The city of Amritsar, located in Punjab, has a rich history attached to it. It is located on the border of India and Pakistan. Therefore, there is so much to see and so much to do in this beautiful city. The most famous landmark of Amritsar is the Golden Temple. You can visit the Golden Temple early in the morning when the gold-plated walls are shining under the Sun. Langars serve food anytime until the temple is open. You can also catch a glimpse of the operations by walking into the kitchen of the Langar. Situated just next to the Golden Temple is the infamous Jallianwaalah Bagh which is a memorial commemorating the sacrifice of thousands of unarmed innocent Indians who had come to meet at the Garden during the annual Baisakhi festival. There are many eateries that you will find once you exit the Jallianwaalah Bagh. They offer the most authentic Punjabi food. The Wagah Border is a short drive from the city and a great place to witness the act of the Indian and Pakistani soldiers at the border. Hire Cabs now brings you cab services from Delhi To Amritsar and Amritsar-Delhi on a regular basis.

Services that we provide to our customers

Hire Cabs provides services from Delhi to Amritsar as well as return from Amritsar to Delhi. You will experience a smooth, comfortable journey to Amritsar. We provide you a lot of cars to choose from, 4 seater, 5 seater and 6 seater. We also provide fuel based selection either petrol or diesel. This makes it convenient for our customers to take decision based on all the factors. All our vehicles are equipped with the ABS airbag. Hence, you can be well assured of your safety during your journey. Our drivers have years of experience, therefore, there should be no reason for you to worry about. We are looking forward to your trip from Delhi to Amritsar with Hire Cabs. Feel free to contact us on 9958312990 or email us on info@hirecabs.in. Book your cab now and leave the rest of the services on us.

Distance and Time from Delhi-Amritsar

Hire Cabs provides cab services from Delhi-Amritsar and Amritsar-Delhi on a daily basis. The distance from Delhi-Amritsar is approximately 460 kms. You will be travelling through the states of Haryana and Punjab. After moving out of New Delhi, (Book Online Cabs Delhi To Amritsar) you will notice that there are many roadside dhabas on either side of the National Highway NH44. The major cities that you will come across while traveling is Karnal and Ludhiana. You can choose to have your morning breakfast at the Murthal dhabas which are very famous for their Aloo and Gobi Parathas. The journey will take approximately 9 hours depending upon the traffic conditions while exiting from Delhi and the number of breaks and stopovers that have been taken. Our drivers are flexible with the breaks, so you need not worry about that. We are looking forward to your Delhi To Amritsar and Amritsar To Delhi trips with Hire Cabs, which provides the cheapest fares in town.